About Digital Nomad Weekly

A selection of the best links for people living (or aspiring to live) a location independent lifestyle

The goal here at DNW is to make you more successful in your Digital Nomad endeavours. Wherever you are in your Journey we find you the best content to help you move towards the next level.

The service is broken into two areas:

  1. A collection of resources from across the web to help with working remotely, earning more money and settling into new, exciting, places fast
  2. A weekly digest of the best new content direct to your inbox

In time the service will grow to offer more relevant content depending on the stage of your journey and how you make your income. We want to be the definitive resource for all aspects of the Digital Nomad lifestyle. For now we're focusing on finding the most helpful articles we can and building up the tech behind the scenes.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.


Hey Lewis,
Just wanted to say thanks for putting this email together. Every one Iโ€™ve received so far has been awesome and itโ€™s the only email I actually look forward to receiving.